1 question - screen tracking device

I am completely new to of, I have it installed and the examples are running.
Some guidance would be of great help.

I came to o.f because I read that it is fast, and that is precisely what I need.

1 question

My friends have a giant Projection Screen that they take to events and that has a pivot attached to a motor that makes the screen move Slowly in the x to z axis (jt tilts).
I want to help them with a system where the projected video tracks the screen and follows the direction of the screen as it tilts. as of now they can not make it tilt while projecting a movie because the movie won’t follow the screen, this is a little sad.

I was thinking of using and infrared camera and infrared lights in each corner and maybe some video displacement code so it follows the screen… but maybe there is a way to use the mouse and click each corner of the screen and have the corners act like the 4 infrared… what do you guys think>?

it can be done both ways, but using ir is probably giong to be faster and simpler (in the openCV samples there’s a demo rectangle tracker: use it in combo with some texture warping to create your second option)