072 - ofQTKitPlayer vs ofVideoPlayer

Hey guys, first props for the new version!

I would like to ask something, I am using the 10.7 SDK and noticed that ofVideoPlayer has OF_VIDEO_PLAYER_QTKIT defined, so I guess it’s using QTKit, what’s the difference with the ofQTKitPlayer in this case? I am asking because, using ofQTKitPlayer instead of ofVideoPlayer gives me flickering during playtime, whole ofVideoPlayer works fine.


Hi there,

There were a few reports of flickering while we were testing the QTKitPlayer, but we had hoped to have squashed them all.

Do you see the flickering on the osx specific video examples? Let me know any more information and perhaps the video you are using if it’s different from the example.


Hey James,
The video was in an application I am currently working on. Here is how I have setup and run the video:


video.loadMovie(“video.mov”, OF_QTKIT_DECODE_TEXTURE_ONLY);


I am using the video texture in a shader, so I could do some masking.


shader.setUniformTexture(“tex”, *video.getTexture(), 0);

I will try to make a new, clean app and see, if there is a problem, because the application has some other processor intensive stuff running too, but seeing ofVideoPlayer running smooth, makes me think, the problem is still in ofQTKitPlayer.


Ok, I figure out where the bug is. Loading the movies with OF_QTKIT_DECODE_TEXTURE_ONLY gives me the flickering, once I set OF_QTKIT_DECODE_PIXELS_AND_TEXTURE, everything is running smooth.

Hope that helps.