0071 touch events triggered twice?

I’ve just noticed in my app in 0071 I have printf statements in touchDown touchUp etc. When I put one finger down/up (on the device) I am seeing the same event triggered twice, i.e the same printf twice per event

Any idea what could be causing that?

Many thanks

I’ve seen someone else reporting this, also (I think in ofxUI), but I can’t find the relevant mention. :-/

Ah so we dont need to use ofxRegisterMultitouch( this ); anymore in testApp? I took this out and now I only get 1 touch event.

had a similar problem here. I commented ofRegisterTouchEvents(this) on testApp setup() and solved it.

yep, same here.
I simply made state bool that tracks the touch.
something like:

bool touching = false;

void touchDown/Up/Move(touch){
do whatever
touching = true;

and then i set it back to false in the update loop.

this has been fixed in develop since.