0071 on osx 10.8 / xcode 4.5: 'gst/gst.h' file not found

I cant figure this one out, I cant get anything to compile on the stable 0071 on my new machine with osx 10.8 / xcode 4.5. I keep getting ‘gst/gst.h’ file not found

I reinstalled gstreamer, compiled on 10.6 but still nothing. The newest unstable version works fine, I’m not sure what the difference is…

Any ideas?


have you tried 0072? It has much better support for 10.8. Other than that it sounds like you are just missing the include path?

@jvcleave @erikparr hey I’m all of a sudden having this same issue with OF 0.8 and 10.9
Everything was working totally fine , now not even the examples will compile, I believe this is caused because I was trying to install GStreamer and ofxgstreamer and maybe messed up a include path or something? but not sure how to six this. thanks

Hey - I ended up just pulling the newest OF and it’s ok now.

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