0071 and the future

this is the second post i’ve seen describing a bug with 007 that has since been closed http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/truetype-font-loading-problem-on-.h-file-[solved]/7859/0

that makes me think it’s time to do a follow up release to 007.

here’s what i imagine:


1 everything in the current develop branch (lots of bug fixes and improvements since 007)
2 merge all non-questionable pull requests, including:
3 compile opencv 2.3 for all platforms. this is a more personal request, but i know a lot of the work elliot and i are doing really depends on having opencv 2.3.


1 a global code formatting pass.
2 ofxGrabCam gets added to ofEasyCam as an optional mode. it’s basically the best thing ever.
3 close all open issues tagged 0061, 0062, 007, 0071. this is a lot of work.


1 a document describing the goals for OF
2 a document describing the timeline/roadmap/development schedule for OF
3 documentation of the OF core

this list is something that i wrote in 5 minutes. i think we could really benefit from having a list like this, but i feel like it should be zach/theo/arturo writing this, because ultimately they’re the ones that govern what gets merged into the core. no one wants to be working towards something that we can’t all benefit from.

3 compile opencv 2.3 for all platforms. this is a more personal request, but i know a lot of the work elliot and i are doing really depends on having opencv 2.3.

I second this.

3 documentation of the OF core

Joel, Roxlu, Jon, a few other people were all planning to have a core-code commenting throwdown next week, but actually I wonder if it might be better to do documenting throw-down rather than commenting. I personally love a 1 line comment per method in the .h but I understand the objections that as well. At any rate, I think there’s momentum to do documenting which is about the boringest thing in the world, so if people are excited about doing it, that’s a +, but it’s nice to do it in a useful way the first time so it doesn’t need to get chucked out :slight_smile:

Good idea!
I think it would be good, before 0071, to wade through the open issues list, and close non-relevant and expired/ancient bugs (i marked quite a few as please-close, but don’t have the permissions to do so), tentatively milestone (not label) issues for 0071+, and generally clean up the list.
I think many issues are not relevant anymore due to new code, and doing this now would help in planning a release cycle, and ease the workload once we reach kyle’s 0072-3: “close all open issues tagged -0071”.

@josh i’m personally in favor of code that people primarily read outside of the source. i’m not against doxygen, i would just emphasize that the goal should be for people to read something like the processing reference rather than digging through header files. i think OF is moving towards something more useful and less readable, and that people should learn from examples rather than from OF itself.

i think the #1 thing that has to happen with documentation is someone from the OF core members needs to say, “yes, that’s what we want” so people can go do it. roxlu did a ton of work, but it’s hosted on his site… if there is no encouragement/direction from the core members, there will continue to be duplication of effort like this. and that’s really unfortunate.

@bilderbuchi i put ‘closing issues’ as 0072 just because i want a new release sooner rather than later :slight_smile: but i understand your feeling.

the beauty about doxygen is, that the reference will be created by the code (comments), isn’t it? best of both worlds. actually, doxygen (in my POV) would be a way that people don’t have to go into the source, because all the info is availably nicely formatted, on a html page (which can be automatically updated if code (and its comments) changes. but that’s maybe more for the documentation thread.

@kyle, issues: I assumed you meant closing issues which require actual work, therefore I suggested a cleaning/classification/milestoning sweep which should be more or less painless and would lay some groundwork for the actual bugfixing work in 0072. I would help with that if someone gives me the permissions.

yes, i misunderstood – i meant closing issues. milestoning everything would be a great step for 0071 or 0072 :slight_smile: i can imagine 0072 as “closing the things that should be closed, deciding when to tackle the rest”.

Sounds like a good plan.

The only thing I would consider is not to wait on

"1 a document describing the goals for OF
2 a document describing the timeline/roadmap/development schedule for OF
3 documentation of the OF core

Those really sound like something for 0071 as they’re somewhat preliminary to everything else IMO. But as mentioned above, if we have no insight from the core team we can’t move forward with some of these things. We never really did get an answer regarding addons, code formatting, projects, OF.cc website, etc. It’d be nice to clear these things up and then we’d also be able to tackle things from multiple angles.

I’m really excited to see this push for documentation. It’s something I’d love to help out with. Sign me up for this jam! For what it’s worth, TomDoc is a nice alternative to Doxygen for inline documentation that can generate reference docs:


It’s way less format-heavy/easier to write and really human readable. I don’t think we should waste time debating about tools – I’m happy to work with whatever’s in place and whatever people like to use – but I thought I’d point out Tomdoc as it has a nice informal quality that might fit OF well.

seth, i agree. i suggested the original order because i know the core members are more likely to take small inoffensive steps.

i’m excited to see the documentation push also!

OK, so I created milestones and assigned bugs/PRs according to the original post.
I also started wading through the issue list and classifying/maintaining/labeling bugs.

this is super exciting. great to see all the progress you’ve made!

it’s looking like the things i put under 0073 are going to happen on a separate repository that is about documentation and the OF website. so what “0073” means for the core will probably change.

i’m talking with zach/theo/arturo right now about creating a mission statement / vision for OF, from which we can create a longer term roadmap… more soon!

The future is now! I completed my sweep through the issue list. Click this, help out, fix bugs: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/organised-bug-extermination-drive/6898/5