007 Wizard


The wizard runs but the created folder has just a addons.make file.
I already gave permissions to the script permantently (Windows XP).
And there is no folder tree on the Project’s Management sidebar.
Installed the versions of Python, lxml and argparse as in the README.tx
Added the function, and created the directory under my openFrameworks install.


Same problem, don’t know the answer but there’s all you need in the empty files in folder

I don’t have the answer for what you (and I) missed in the installation for the wizards script but those files work…

Exact same issue here. I first install Python 2.72 64 bits into my win 7 64 bits system. Cause the argparse plugin has no 64bits installer I then installed Python 2.72 32bits instead, then installed both plugins. The result is the same: an empty directory with only a make.addons file in there.

Any news on this? Is anyone succesful installing the wizard in 64bits windows 7?
Here in can compile my projects when using an example, however I wish to have 2 addons in one app, and no such example exists. Will try adding it manually…

It’s not working for me. I get the error:

"This Wizard is missing the following mandatory wizard page:

Project path selection
Execution aborted…"

This is using 64-bit Windows Professional 7, codeblocks 10.05, 32-bit python 2.66, 32-bit lxml 2.3, and argparse 1.1. anyone with any ideas?