007 linux libopenFrameworks.cbp project file fixes

I noticed that when using codeblocks in linux, certain core oF classes would not be recognized by autocomplete, and when converting 0062 projects to 007, this proved to be quite frustrating because I would have to look up the files individually to see what changed. Normally I could just type the a class name in and right click to find the implementation or declaration file quickly.

The problem is that the libopenFrameworks project file had not been updated to reflect many 007 changes and as such has several missing files or incorrect paths where things have been moved.

I imported all of the source files into the project and created new virtual folders for everything, etc. Now autocomplete works perfectly and codeblocks knows what an ofTexture is again!

I’m attaching the updated file in case that is useful for anyone else.

happy coding


do you use github? it would be much more immediately useful if you filed a pull request with the changes to the github repository… then it could be more easily compared to the current stated and merged into the codebase.

btw, code completion/indexing on eclipse cdt also sucks big time, so i feel your pain…

This would help a lot!

Just a noobs question, to make it work, I tried to run again the install_dependencies.sh script, and to load the libopenFrameworks.cbp project into codeblocks and rebuid both targets, release ans debug. Neither of both worked for me.

What is the procedure to make the autocompletion work again?

you should always open the app .workspace file, not the cbp. then the oF library project is included automatically, and code completion should work.

If you’re already doing that, and it still doesn’t work, maybe check out the newest git master, probably it’s already fixed there?

Excellent! That worked.