0061 build warning: openFrameworks-Info.plist

Upgraded to OF 0061 on Snow Leopard with XCode 3.2.2 - all projects including OF examples throw this warning:

Warning: The Copy Files build phase contains this target’s Info.plist file ‘openFrameworks-Info.plist’

Everything works, I’m just curious what this means exactly, and how to resolve.

Hi, to get rid of the warning select the main project in the Xcode navigator and then show the list of the files in the project using the main Detail window. Over on the right-hand side there’s a column with the concentric-circles target icon, where most of the project files have a tick in their tickbox. If you find the plist file in this list and uncheck that target box then the compiler will complain no more… :slight_smile:

Gwydion’s solution will work, but it can also destroy the way that OF handles the path to the /data folder. So if you’re having trouble reading or writing to the /data folder, this might be the problem.

It’s a temporary hack that is going to be solved in the next OF release.

Ah, thanks for the additional info, Kyle - good to know…

@gwydion, your tip works thanks, although i’m not clear why it “can” but not always destroy path to data folder -

@kyle - issue still occurs in new version 0062. is there a recommended way to deal with it?

eforman, this is fixed in the upcoming release which is currently under heavy development on github.

for now i would recommend ignoring it as i’ve never seen it cause a real error.

Okay thanks. Just one of those little things… ;-p