0.9.8 Cannot Compile OpenSSLInitializer.h (cannot open source file "openssl/crypto.h")

Hello! I just downloaded Openframeworks 0.9.8 for Visual Studio 2015 from the older release page to my Win 10 PC.
I opened an example project (opencvExample) and tried to build it but I encountered the errors:
cannot open source file “openssl/crypto.h”
cannot open source file “openssl/opensslv.h”

Then I added the path (…\libs\openssl\include and …\libs\openssl\include\openssl) in the Properties, but the same errors didn’t disappear:

I also tried to modified the code, it seems to fix the crypto.h error but not the opensslv.h one!

I am pretty sure both of the files are in the folder:

It would be so great if anyone would help. Thank you!!