0.9.4 Release Candidate 1

there’s something really strange in that output, sometimes it shows 0.9.4 and others 0.9.3 like it was mixing the 2 versions. not sure why.

other than that the official addons work fine with qtcreator no matter if they have libraries and any other addon should work as well as long as it’s correctly formatted. there’s a reference addon template here: https://github.com/openframeworks/ofxAddonTemplate

Yes, that’s strange it seems that there is a mix between the two Qt Creator versions I’m using (3.6.1 and 4.1)
Qt 4.1 builds the app in the 0.9.3 folder. I deleted all the build-* folders that QT Creator produces in myApps (under 0.9.3 folder), rebuild with QT 4.1 + of 0.9.4 and the app is still built in 0.9.3 folder. Dunno if it’s armful or not… But the link stage still fails…

I checked all the .qbs files in my project, they all belongs to the 0.9.4 install…

can you check in your qbs where of_root is pointing to? it’s usually line 9, i have:

property string of_root: '../../..'

if you’ve created your project in any other place but two levels below apps/ it might have an absolute root path that you need to change if you want to compile your project with a new version

I compared the two projects of the same application (one under 0.9.3 + QT 3.6.1 and the other under 0.9.4 + QT 4.1) there are some addons folders that are not added to the 4.1 project :

  • ofxImGui lacks libs/imgui/src
  • ofxMidi lacks libs/rtmidi
  • ofxOsc lacks libs/oscpack/src

The main “src” folders of each addon are added, but not those belonging to the libs

can you open the osc example that comes with 0.9.4 and see if the same happens there? it’s working for me without problem

also there was an error in the packages that were first released for 0.9.4 so if you downloaded it right away after it was released try perhaps downloading it again

Yes, same problem… Only “src” is added, missing the others…
I’m pretty sure I did a Qt template install from 0.9.4 but I might do it again, just to be sure…

you are in osx right?


Just checked it again I did quit QT, ./install_template.sh, even source ./install_template.sh, relaunch QT, imported another addon example… Same problem

BTW of_root is
property string of_root: '../../..'

And my application is right under myApps

yes i’m testing in osx now and i’m seeing the same problem it was working fine in linux. i’m looking into it

can you edit libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/qtcreator/modules/of/helpers.js and change line 212 from:

sources = sources.concat(Helpers.findSourcesRecursive(addon + '/libs'));


sources = sources.concat(findSourcesRecursive(addon + '/libs'));

and check if that fixes it?

No, same problem (I deleted the previous .qbs project file and reimported an addon example)

that’s really strange that solved it for me, i’ll fix that in the next release anyway

Which version of osx are you using ? Me it’s 10.5.5 - Could the find shell command have changed ? I can’t get any information about it, because there is no --version or -v option available

i’m on 10.11 but i doubt it’s related to find, that command has probably have the same syntax for decades in unix. i have another computer with 10.10 or 10.9 i’ll give it a try there tomorrow

Ahhh. I believe we now only support OS X 10.8 or OS X 10.9 or newer depending on the release.
OS X 10.5.5. will definitely be too old for OF v0.9 and above.

My bad, it’s 10.10.5, not 10.5.5 :blush:

I could try to help, but how can I console.log in .qbs files ? I tried in several places, there is no error but nothing is displayed in the General Messages panel of Qt Creator…

yes there’s no easy way to log the errors in qtcreator, the easiest is to throw an exception with whatever you want to see, like throw path will show the contents of that variable in issues.

Got it ! There is a small typo in the modification you suggested

it’s findSourceRecursive instead of findSourcesRecursive

And tadada ! It works fine ! Happy !

oh, great i’m running osx on a virtual machine and had to type it by hand cause copy paste didn’t work from the vm.

anyway i’m preparing a 0.9.5 to fix this and a couple of problems with latest ubuntu version that has just been released.