0.9.3 ProjectGenerator shows only white screen


I just downloaded the latest 0.9.3 ofx version for windows and when I want to start the project generator, just a white screen shows up. I’m using windows 10 and I have VS2015 installed.
What can I do?

hmm – I wonder what this is. I’ve noticed sometimes the font loading can be slow at first which can lead to a white screen for a moment (we are using a google web font) – I will look into packaging the font locally.

can you do me a favor and open up the dev tools? on OSx it’s like this:

and copy and paste what’s in the console?

also, are running it from the command line? if you double click the app does the same thing happen?


Hm. On windows I don’t have any windowbar where I can open the DevTools. Maybe with a command line parameter? Yes, I also double clicked and the same thing happened.
Thank you for the fast answer.

if you can find the settings.json file in the “app” folder, change "showDeveloperTools": false to true and it should load with the dev tools visible.


Got it! :slight_smile: The problem was that I named my folders with a hash-tag.
Thank you!