0.9.1 Release Candidate 1


Ok cool. I was gonna say this seemed a bit weird because if I setup my app in main with:

int main( )
	ofSetupOpenGL(1920, 1080, OF_WINDOW);
	ofRunApp(new ofApp());

and enable retina ofGetWidth() returns 3840 even though the window doesn’t fill the screen which ofGetScreenWidth() reports as 2880 wide.


Hi guys,

great job as always!

I have a question on 0.9.1RC1 and emscripten:

  1. when I run emmake on a project, the compilation is successful!
    but it seems that after the compilation to run a --emrun.

–emrun seems to start by default with Safari? obviously this on Linux is bad! (true?)

it seems that the offending piece:

config.emscripten.default.mk:PLATFORM_LDFLAGS = -Wl,–as-needed -Wl,–gc-sections --preload-file bin/data@data --emrun

you think you can add a “IF” for the platform in “config.emscripten.default.mk”?

or am I doing wrong in something?

Have a nice day!


what would be the correct flags then? i don’t think the flags passed to the compiler have any influence on the browser chosen by emrun. you can also choose the browser by running emrun --browser firefox bin/example.html for example and you can also call emrun --list_browsers to check which browsers emrun is detecting, if it’s detecting safari in linux there might be something wrong in your config


My problem was solved using the right data structure suggested in this thread.


I apologize this is a false problem, I dug, I got fooled by my configuration emscripten that was pointing to a browser that does not exist, photo:

(I have to find out why my emscripten provides an empty field as browser!!!)

obviously this does not have anything to do with the flags of compilation, sorry…


Is ofTrueTypeFont::drawString() in this release supposed to work with Unicode letters such as Korean?
I tested but could not make it work.


no not yet, we’ll merge that for 0.10. 0.9.1 is a bugfixes only release


Thanks Arturo.
Fortunately ofxTrueTypeFontUC still works with 0.9 for drawing Unicode letters. Looking forward to seeing 0.10.


The good news is that

Error compiling OF on msys2

The RC1 is broken on MSYS2. GCC crashes when compiling DirectShowPlayer. Filed issue #4748.