0.9.0 Release Candidate 1


hey, yeah this release is pretty big, we have a new platform and are dropping the default IDE in one of the supported platforms, codeblocks to substitue it with qtcreator. usually when we release an RC there’s some fixes to do and in a couple of weeks we have fixed everything that appears but in this case we had some more issues.

there’s also some work going on with a new version of the project generator but there will be an RC2 next week surely and right after that the release since the current code seems to be already pretty stable


Amazing work done on oF! Is the ProjectGenerator above in 0.9.0 supposed to be working already with OSX 10.11 and XCode 7.01? I am having trouble getting any example project to compile properly.


it should be working fine in the nightly builds


Arturo, thanks a lot for the work you do ! It’s amazing !

Do you recommand to switch from OF 8, and OF 9RC1 to OF9 Nithgly for new projects (almost Raspberry PI ones) ? With git clone everyday, or do you think it’s still a little bit too early for base user like me ?



Just one question. Now I am using the VS 2015 and OF 0.9, however sometimes when I try to add some addons with the plugin and build up the project, it will report error “LNK1104 cannot open file ‘;.obj’”. It really confused me that some addons work well with the plugin, but some other addons like the openCV and kinect are always failed. So what’s the problems with it, and how could I fix it.

Thank you!


some addons are more complex than others and might have problems depending on the project structure… can you post an issue on the github repo for the plugin, detailing which addon fails, the full error you are getting and the full path to the project that is failing?


On the github repo you posted ? (just to be sure, I would not like to mess up the wrong place :wink: )


yes in that repo


Done !