0.8.1 Android unresolved inclusion


I cant build this once open ofApp.h or other src file. If not, I can build and run this example.

controls in the console of eclipse if you have the directing file are correct.

Ciao Dario

“controls in the console of eclipse” ?

Beginner of android in eclipse.

Is this error means I should add Include directory to project properties?

But still unresolved.

Forgive my bad English.

however try to compile an example and check the console
there are no wrong path to the sdk or ndk


Fixed this by add linked folder

maybe it’s new ADT bug? It use Eclipse 4.3.

I fixed the same issue by following settings of ADT on MacOSX.

  1. open properties panel of the project (⌘i)
  2. goto C/C++ General > Code Analysis
  3. select Use workspace settings or Use project settings
  4. unselect all items on Problems fields

Code analyser might be a cause of the issue.