0.12.0 is Released

0.12.0 is Released!!!:

Thanks to the whole OF community for all the work getting this together.
We’ll be quickly switching to focus on 0.12.1 with better Android and iOS support.

Major changes:

  • all: Physical Based Rendering (PBR) now supported in ofxAssimpModelLoader and ofMaterial
  • all: Built in shadow support
  • all: C++17 default
  • arm: aarch64 / 64bit support for Rapsberry Pi and other arm64 devices
  • Windows: ofMediaFoundationSoundPlayer can be used instead of fmod
  • macOS: ofAVEngineSoundPlayer can be used instead of fmod
  • Windows ofMediaFoundationPlayer for video playback. No need for codecs!!!
  • iOS: ARC is now enabled for all projects by default. Some addons might require -fno-objc-arc for files which aren’t ARC compatible. More info
  • emscripten: Loads of emscripten fixes to make more examples compatible.
  • all: new computer_vision / OpenCV examples
  • msys2: UCRT64 support
  • Android release to come in 0.12.1 ( needs big libs refactor ).

Please report any issues to issues to Github Issues or this forum thread.

Web examples
A few of the new 0.12.0 examples to the OF site so people can check them in the browser:


Full changelog here


Uhuuuu congrats @Theo this is exciting news for all OFworkers.

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Exciting! Congratulations!

Awesome! Thanks @theo @dimitre and every one that made it possible. :slight_smile:
BTW, having the examples running in the browser is so nice !


Yesss 0.12.0 is the best OF yet in my opinion! exciting times.
Better font metrics, (some studios gave up using OF because of this)
Better video player in macOS (same)
Ready to publish on App Store
Leaner graphics for iOS templates
Modern XCode template easy to update
Per app settings in macOS, so it is great to keep app version, icon and other durable settings.

And releases will be more frequent thanks to the great streamlined work on automation :zap:


Congratulation and thank you to everyone involved, big and small. I love this community and toolchain.