0.11.2 glfwInit crash on Big Sur

Hi, I find that sometimes I would crash at glfwInit() on my Mac Big Sur.

When it does work, I need to allow permissions to Accessability > Input Monitoring.

Does anyone still working with Of on macos ? :frowning:

This happens on an empty project too

You can try to search about the error “tcc deny iohiddeviceopen”
maybe you are using hardened runtime in xcode project?

Unfortunately it is unreleated to hardened runtime. that is for signing only not for development.

I think my issue is related to these:

I tried downloading the latest glfw library from github and swapped the glfw.a lib, it doesn’t help :frowning:

Did you try to install an updated GLFW via apothecary formula?
Other thing I would try (not sure if it helps anything) would be creating another user (admin) in macOs and trying again

@doverfish - that is weird. Do you get this with the examples/templates/emptyExample project too, or are you doing something unique in your app?

I am on macOS 12.3.1 and using 0.11.2 without issue - maybe this is a Big Sur bug that is fixed in later macOS builds?

Can you try clearing everything from your Input Monitoring list?
Mine is completely empty and permission is never asked.

If that doesn’t work, could you try the nightly build at the bottom of this page:

( note some examples that use addons aren’t building correctly in the last nightly ( fixed soon ), but new projects or emptyExample should build and run fine ).

@dimitre do you mean I should try apothecary ? What is apothecary?

@theo I’m surprised that you don’t get to asked permission on your mac :open_mouth:
Did you did something to your System Integrity Protection or something?

I think this input monitoring is only needed if a software want access to your keyboard even when not focused, in the case of a special shortcut to launch anything.
Or maybe other not so nice things, as the software will have access to things you type.
I never had to authorize anything from OpenFrameworks there.

Well I wouldn’t need that feature in the first place either, I created an emptyProject and it still asked me for permission or else it crashed.
MacOS can be so frustrating at times

sometimes permissions get messy on macOs, I would experiment creating a new user and trying it you there, to see if it changes something.