0.11.0 + Buster(RPI4) + CLI (no X!).. is it possible or not?


Sorry for creating another topic on this subject, but after spending hours reading old topics and trying to compile it on my RPI4 it’s still not clear to me:

Q: Is it possible to run OF applications on RPI4 (Buster) in CLI mode without XWindows ?

I did manage to compile OF “using legacy build”, but at the end when I run polygonExample, I do get (* failed to add service already in use?" after setting up EGL Dispaly message.

NB: I’ve developed in past years numerous applications with OF running on RPis as complete standalone systems. The goal was to get the maximum performance out of the hardware (RPI) and to avoid any additional layers. Having Xwindows running makes little sense for me, as it takes additional resources and makes it very difficult to manage remotely using just command prompt.


No problem! :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to use X at all this is probably the only option:

Have you tried that yet?
I can confirm that it does work on an RPI 4 with Buster.

Ideally I would like to try and make it the default windowing for RPI4 onwards, but I believe it does need some flushing out in terms of keyboard/mouse input.

Hi Theo,

Thanks for a quick answer.
That’s not a great news… :frowning:… for “embedded systems” development…

Three more questions:

Q1: if I go back to OF0.10.0 would it work “as before” or I need to go all the way back to 0.9x?
Q2: is there a way to run OF X application, but without actually starting full blown X GUI environment? (I guess not…)
Q3: in terms of performance do you know the difference between same app rendering as standalone or X? FPS ?


Yes. Just install xorg. I believe this is noted in the RasPi install instructions - bottom of the page.

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Unfortunately no. RPI 4 is actually missing a driver that is not compatible with with the EGL windowing system used by 0.11.0 / 0.10.0 / 0.9.8 etc. Jason’s addon is quite involved and essentially works around the driver issue.

Originally I thought not but as @okyeron mentions you can start X just for the app so you don’t have a full-blown environment.

Right now there is a change with RPI4 in 0.11.0 that can make it a little slower FPS wise. 0.11.0 defaults to 4x Anti Aliasing whereas 0.10.0 didn’t. This change which is already in the nightly builds ( bottom of page ) sets it back to no AA by default and will be in the next release: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/pull/6503/files

I hope that is helpful!

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