0.10.0 Release candidate 1

Hi all

We are about to release 0.10.0. As with every release, before the final version, we put out a Release Candidate for public testing.

It would be really useful if you could download the packages for the platforms you use and see if you notice any issues.

One of the major changes in 0.10.0 is the move to glm as our vector math library substituting the ofVec and ofMatrix classes. The old classes are still there and you don’t need to move to glm right away, indeed old projects should work with some minor adjustments since ofVec and glm::vec classes are interchangeable. We’ll post some more information about this and other new features in the following days.

It would be really helpful, if you could try running existing projects with 0.10.0 RC1 to see if issues arise but 0.10.0 is a major version change and as such there’s some breaking changes so testing old projects will likely require some changes in your code. Feel free to ask in this same thread if you find any problem migrating old projects.

If you find any other problem in the release please open an issue in the github issue tracker.

Windows – Visual Studio 2017: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_vs2017_release.zip

Windows – msys2 & Qt Creator: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_msys2_release.zip

mac OS – Xcode & emscripten: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_osx_release.zip

linux 64 – makefiles & Qt Creator & emscripten: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_linux64gcc6_release.tar.gz

Android Studio: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_android_release.tar.gz

iOS – Xcode: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_ios_release.zip

linux armv6 (raspberry pi) with raspbian – makefiles: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_linuxarmv6l_release.tar.gz

linux armv7 (tested mostly on raspberry pi with archlinux) – makefiles: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_linuxarmv7l_release.tar.gz

Because of relatively recent changes in the way c++ is compiled by gcc, the linux versions are only compatible with gcc 6 or later. if you have an older distribution in linux desktop you can check your gcc version with

gcc -v

and use the corresponding version:

linux 64 gcc4 or earlier – makefiles & Qt Creator & emscripten: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_linux64gcc4_release.tar.gz
linux 64 gcc 5 – makefiles & Qt Creator & emscripten: http://openframeworks.cc/versions/v0.10.0RC1/of_v0.10.0RC1_linux64gcc5_release.tar.gz

There will be another Release Candidate next week with bug fixes for anything that you might report.

Then hopefully a public release a few days later.

Thank you for helping test the 0.10.0 release!



Thanks a lot !

Woot! Thanks Arturo and everyone else involved for all the hard work :heart_eyes:

Great news!

hi arturo very great news. is it possible to have a changelog?

yes we’ll publish it with the final release

Woohoo! I’ll test over the next weekend!

@arturo does the Raspberry Pi version come with the makefile edited for the Broadcom graphics drivers or does that still need to be done manually?

it should work right away but we are still using the “legacy drivers”

Great news. I will convert over two large projects the next few days to see if there are any issues.
Minor issue but the project generator default path is currently:


Easily fixed by selectin the correct path but anyways fyi.

edit: yes this is on Mac. Sorry I should have said.

@zach did we found any fix for this default path in the PG? I think it was a security thing in latest macOS right?

Great news!

This is really awesome.


great!!! I’m right now with v0.10 and I switch an app from version 0.9.8 to 0.10, but when I do this and built the app with the new version, visual studio create addons on the folder /apps, I will check why this is happened

great work! apps running for the first time out of the box in years!
complex apps and addons are also running smooth.

what’s still not running nicely is ofNode?

try this (cameras tilt up vector after a while)

#pragma once
#include “ofMain.h”
class ofApp : public ofBaseApp{
// ofEasyCam cam;
ofCamera cam;

	void draw(){
  float a = ofGetElapsedTimef();
  float s = 255;
  ofPoint point(cosf(a)*s, fmodf(a,100), sinf(a)*s);



should be a levelled circle, like here, no tilting

#pragma once
#include "ofMain.h"
class ofApp : public ofBaseApp{

		void draw(){
          float a = ofGetElapsedTimef();
          float s = 255;
          ofPoint point(cosf(a)*s, fmodf(a,100), sinf(a)*s);

				  point.x, point.y, point.z,
				  0,0,0, 0,1,0);



how is the android version? out of the box setup? looking forward to testing!

keep up the great work,


ofNode has an auto look at where you don’t need to pass the up vector. That works for basic cases but not much more, if you need to rotate the camera like you are doing you need to pass the up vector as you do with glu:

cam.lookAt({0.f,0.f,0.f}, {0.f,1.f,0.f});

thanks for the explanation, seems to me could be better laid out, manual control is most important.
we could explicitly turn on/off auto-up vector calculations, and have methods to specify pos,look,up camera vectors.