0.10.0 ofGLProgrammableRenderer with headless app

I’m trying to build a plugin for Touch Designer following the examples on their wiki. In this particular case, OF runs as a headless app, but I get Touch Designer’s openGL context to draw with, so it seems like just need an OF renderer to draw with.

I’ve got the examples working in OF 0.9.8, but when I try to use them in 0.10.0, I have the following issue when trying to create the ofGLProgrammableRenderer:

incomplete type is not allowed

This is my first time working with the programmable renderer, so I referenced the creation methods that come with the iOS and Android examples in 0.10.0, but couldn’t get those examples to work with the headless window. Any help or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Same problem here.

How to enable ofGLProgrammableRenderer in Android?

there0s a bug in 0.10.0 where it doesn’t allow you to use the programmable renderer. this will be fixed in 0.10.1 and meanwhile you can use the nightly builds where it’s fixed as well.

to use it in main just use:

int main(){
	  ofGLESWindowSettings settings;
	  ofRunApp(new ofApp);

Hi Wildparadox,

Did you find a way to use openframeworks 0.10.1 with touchdesigner ?