0.061 turns macbook into jet engine, 99% cpu usage

Running and compiling a barely empty project (a switch for keypresses, and that’s about it) sets the cpu usage to 57%. Adding in ofTrueType font and rendering it turns the usage all the way to 99%. Shortly thereafter the cpu overheats to about 79 degrees © and my fans go full out. Clearly something is amiss. I’m thinking it’s GLUT + Poco that could be making problems here.

OS X, 10.6.1, Latest X-code, oF from git.

that’s curious – by default on mac, OF runs as fast as possible unless you say:




so cpu usage isn’t really telling – gluts goal (which hasn’t changed in 0.061) is to run as fast as possible unless you tell it not to.

can you try either and see if that brings down cpu usage / overheating ?

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yesss… the first one worked. Stayed at an easy 10% which is pretty docile. thanks zach!

p.s. cooper union rec?