0.05 release

0.05 is up!


we should have info, changelog, etc up soon… it’s taken forever, but we’re pretty happy with this release and to get it done, it’s been a pretty big hurdle.

what do you think? any ideas about how to automate the addons? any issues or bugs? anything you’d like to see in the next one?

zach & theo

Also we want to let everyone know that we are back on SVN for the core library.
The hourly snapshot can be downloaded here: http://www.openframeworks.cc/downloads/-…-eworks.zip

And you can track changes on our trac page here:

This is a temporary holdover while we get the new site up, which will be much better setup for svn and multi user development. We are currently in the process of putting our examples and addons from the 005 release into svn. We’ll post a link shortly.


Hey that’s really good news!

Did you know that there is a plugin to manage svn within codeblocks:


That way we can always work with the last version and make a continuous testing of new features and enhacements.

Also for eclipse:


OF is amzing!

great!!! big thanks to zach & theo and anybody involved!

i’m very interested in the changelog though.
is the opencv-addon somehow (API-)“final”?


the api for the the opencv release isn’t final (none of the APIs are final, by any stretch) but we will try our best to not break old code. we feel it’s much stronger now to develop on top of (blobTracker, colorTracker, etc) and we imagine other addons being based on it (ie dependency) – ie, we see opencv addon (like OF) as a building block, not as the end all addon. we may make some fixes or additions but probably not remove much…

hope that helps!