_popen' is not declared in this scope - compiling examples and openFrameworksLib

Hello, I was compiling an example, any and I got this error:
_"C:\of_v0071\libs\openFrameworks\utils[b]ofUtils.cpp|684|error: '_popen is not declared in this scope|…"_[/b]

Actually the issue is when compiling the openFrameworksLib.cbj project, which is needed to any example/app.
Then, the error mentioned above happens.

It seems _popen belongs to stdio.h according some reading, but I added <stdio.h> and the error is still there.

IDE: CodeBlock v 10.05
MinGW v 4.7.0
OS: Windows Vista 64 bits

I had Mingw/CB installed before I installed oF, I just did the suggested settings for CB.

I uninstalled CB and I reinstalled the CB version with MingW (10.05), even it has another compiler g++/gcc
version, the same error remains. I wonder if it has to do with Vista home edition.

I appreciate any suggestion, thanks


can you try changing _popen to popen and see if that fixes the problem?

Arturo, I tryed two things:
1 - replace popen instead of _popen before.
2- idem 1 but I added #include

It didn’t solve this issue.

At CB compiler options I unchecked: -std=c++98 //1998 ISO C++ language standard, then openFrameworksLib project compiles well with both: popen or _popen.

However I have tons of errors when compiling the examples.